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Popgram Podcast – Episode 77

Posted on Jul 1 by

Episode 77 – On this week’s podcast we come at you sharp, succinct and sorted,  discussing the fashion industry; Gap’s new collaboration, Christopher Nolan fighting the...


Popgram Presents Nigerian Noonas Episode 13

Posted on Jul 1 by

Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this episode:  00:29: We are back y’all! 01:45 What’s we are watching – rewatching...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 76

Posted on Jun 16 by

Episode 76 – We discussed the positive and negative characters i.e. assholes, allies, advocates and activists of the BlackLivesMatter protests. Skai Jackson is a hero for...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 75

Posted on Jun 3 by

First and foremost, a lot is currently going on to Black people in America and Trevor Noah perfectly summarises and echoes our thoughts here:...


Our Thoughts on Racial Injustice in the US

Posted on Jun 1 by

#TrevorNoah perfectly encapsulates our thoughts at #Popgram on last week’s (and the ever continuing) #RacialInjustice in the United States. #BlackLivesMatter #SayTheirNames...