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Popgram Podcast – Episode 40

Posted on Oct 31 by

Episode 40 – This week we discuss the upcoming Clueless remake (whhhhyyy?), Oscar hopefuls,  Busy Philips new show and Disney’s reimagining of the Pirates franchise.  Deji...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 39

Posted on Oct 4 by

Episode 39 – This week we discuss Kanye West’s latest hijinks, Lil’s Wayne’s new album and the new #uproar challenge.  We also have news on the new reboot of Charlie’s...


Popgram Mini Episode 3: Nerdcast

Posted on Sep 21 by

Welcome to NERDCAST where Deji tells us all the happenings in tech and gaming worlds. In this episode Deji tells us about the recent Apple keynote and  Nintendo Direct. Deji...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 38

Posted on Sep 20 by

Episode 38 – This week we discuss the positive reception of the new Spiderman PS4 game. Is Henry Cavill Still Superman?  Does product placement work? Yakult has seen...


Popgram Mini: For The Culture Episode 2

Posted on Sep 8 by

Veeeenoom…This is our mini episode on Eminem’s new album Kamikaze.  We discuss what tracks are feeling and if the album is Good 🙌🏾Bad 🤮or Meh🤷🏾‍♀️ #veeenoom #kamikaze...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 37

Posted on Sep 6 by

Episode 37 – Hello to all our new listeners! This week we discuss the coverage of  Aretha Franklin’s funeral: the performances and the Me Too moment that happened live with...