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Popgram Podcast – Episode 51

Posted on Apr 19 by

Episode 51 – In this episode,  we discuss the brand new Star Wars and Lion King Trailer, Potential Netflix killer Disney Plus, Mindy Kaling’s new movie with...


Popgram Mini Episode 6: Nerdcast

Posted on Apr 4 by

Another Nerdcast Episode, number 6 in fact and Deji is your host along with Mo and HoneyBadger. We talk about the exciting nerd news this week including Google Stadia, Apple...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 50

Posted on Apr 4 by

It’s our 50th episode! To celebrate we will be sharing the previous versions of our podcast. We have been doing this since 2006! In this episode, we discuss the cast...


Popgram Presents Nigerian Noonas Episode 2

Posted on Mar 21 by

We made it back! Join us and we delve into what we are watching or loving in K-drama land. In this episode:  0:01- We are back and eating the Nigerian version of the New...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 49

Posted on Mar 21 by

Episode 49 – On this episode,  we discuss the reinstating of James Gunn in the MCU, the College cheating scandals and the new Avengers trailer.  We also...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 48

Posted on Mar 8 by

Episode 48 – On this episode,  we discuss the Oscars winners and ceremony. Main take away? Watch Olivia Colman’s speech and check out her filmography.  We...