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Popgram Podcast – Episode 26

Posted on Feb 7 by

Episode 26 – In this week’s much delayed episode (thanks for nothing wave lab!) we are very ‘excited’ for the fast and furious musical, we discuss Justin Timberlake’s...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 25

Posted on Jan 12 by

Episode 25 – Welcome to the new year! In this week’s podcast we talk about the  upcoming golden globes, discuss Justin Timberlake’s new music video , Jay Z and Ava...


Ad-nonsense – Christmas Special 2017

Posted on Dec 18 by

Christmas Special 2017 – In this special episode, we delve into this year’s  Christmas ads! And good news,Kevin the carrot the star of last year LIDL ads is back!...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 24

Posted on Dec 17 by

Episode 24 – Can any other artist release a Christmas album or is that solely the domain of Mariah Carey? We discuss that Hollywood abuse scandals, Universal abandonment of...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 23

Posted on Nov 16 by

Episode 23 – In this week’s podcast we discuss the latest Hollywood allegations.  We also talk about the upcoming James Bond movie, the Sabrina the teenage Witch series,...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 22 Part 2

Posted on Oct 27 by

Episode 22 Part 2 – It’s that time of year again, the Christmas ads are coming! We talk about John Lewis’s impending offering. We also chat about Defenders, how crap Blade...