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Popgram Presents Nigerian Noonas Episode 7

Posted on Sep 21 by

We are back! In this week’s special episode, we discuss the latest k- drama happenings – Remake of Jane the Virgin anyone?  We also delve into the many dramas we are...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 60

Posted on Sep 19 by

Episode 60 – In this week’s episode we discuss Felicity Huffman’s sentencing, Jennifer Lopez possibly doing the Super Bowl, Milly Bobby Brown’s amazing make up tutorial and...


Popgram Mini Episode 8: Nerdcast

Posted on Sep 1 by

Its been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you….without a new Nerdcast Episode 8 with Deji as your host along with Mo and HoneyBadger. In this episode we discuss...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 59

Posted on Sep 1 by

Episode 59 – This week we discuss the possible Disney/Sony divorce and the fallout.    We also get into the MTV VMAs and Viacom coming to their senses by...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 58

Posted on Aug 3 by

Episode 58 – This week we discuss Endgame reaching a billion, all the happenings at this year’s Comic Con: Marvel ! Star Trek ! Game of Thrones! …and why do Disney want...


Popgram Presents Nigerian Noonas Episode 6

Posted on Jul 26 by

It started with Gin and ended with us just about being able to only open our mouth to tell you all about what we’ve been watching or loving in Asian drama land. In this...