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Popgram Podcast – Episode 71

Posted on Apr 7 by

Episode 71 – In this week’s episode we discuss Drake’s take on self-isolation ( make a video and a dance!), Tik Tok dances, James Corden’s Home Fest and Hip hop/RnB...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 70 Part 2

Posted on Mar 26 by

Episode 70 Part 2 – In this week’s episode we discuss the unholy union of Ben Affleck and Ana de Amaris (Beniana), the resurfacing of the full Kanye/Taylor call and Justin...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 69

Posted on Mar 5 by

Episode 69 – In this week’s episode we discuss Usher’s new song?!, the Friends not-reunion, Disney reboot of Lizzie McGuire goes awry, Gigi goes OFF on Jake Paul, what the...


Popgram Podcast – Episode 68

Posted on Feb 23 by

Episode 68 – We were cut off  due to some technical difficulties during this week’s episode so bear with us!  In this week’s episode we discuss the Oscars...


Popgram Presents Nigerian Noonas Episode 10

Posted on Feb 5 by

And we are back! We run through the dramas on coming to Netflix and what we are looking forward to this year.  Since we’ve had a bit of a break, we have watched a ton of...